Your holiday by country

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Countrytotal for Weekendtotal for Chritsmastotal for New Years
United Arab Emirates2249 flights2166 flights548 flights
Afghanistan39 flights35 flights12 flights
Antigua and Barbuda0 flights0 flights0 flights
Albania451 flights323 flights83 flights
Armenia80 flights30 flights4 flights
Netherlands Antilles0 flights0 flights0 flights
Argentina0 flights0 flights0 flights
Austria525 flights462 flights133 flights
Australia843 flights739 flights249 flights
Aruba0 flights0 flights0 flights
Azerbaijan51 flights23 flights5 flights
Bosnia and Herzegovina178 flights55 flights14 flights
Barbados0 flights0 flights0 flights
Bangladesh156 flights93 flights41 flights
Belgium1852 flights728 flights245 flights
Bulgaria1036 flights276 flights104 flights
Bahrain191 flights161 flights49 flights
Brunei36 flights13 flights5 flights
Brazil1 flights0 flights0 flights
Belarus0 flights0 flights0 flights
Canada47 flights0 flights0 flights
Cocos (Keeling) Islands0 flights2 flights1 flights
Switzerland1434 flights581 flights198 flights
Cook Islands0 flights0 flights0 flights
China806 flights993 flights277 flights
Costa Rica0 flights0 flights0 flights
Cuba4 flights1 flights0 flights
Cape Verde1299 flights639 flights88 flights
Christmas Island0 flights1 flights0 flights
Cyprus800 flights262 flights67 flights
Czech Republic888 flights635 flights202 flights
Germany5860 flights3163 flights1109 flights
Denmark1116 flights493 flights174 flights
Dominican Republic18 flights3 flights0 flights
Algeria72 flights45 flights13 flights
Estonia94 flights27 flights10 flights
Egypt670 flights361 flights75 flights
Western Sahara240 flights42 flights10 flights
Eritrea0 flights0 flights0 flights
Spain8629 flights4288 flights1621 flights
Finland823 flights292 flights88 flights
Fiji13 flights0 flights0 flights
France3185 flights1313 flights493 flights
United Kingdom7223 flights3244 flights1219 flights
Georgia238 flights58 flights18 flights
Guernsey518 flights145 flights35 flights
Gibraltar14 flights10 flights4 flights
Greenland0 flights0 flights0 flights
Gambia11 flights18 flights0 flights
Guadeloupe22 flights14 flights6 flights
Greece1510 flights877 flights278 flights
Guam2 flights3 flights1 flights
Hong Kong331 flights93 flights42 flights
Croatia174 flights91 flights23 flights
Hungary1162 flights469 flights183 flights
Indonesia1508 flights2646 flights811 flights
Ireland2676 flights1247 flights491 flights
Israel756 flights269 flights85 flights
Isle of Man400 flights50 flights13 flights
India1593 flights2306 flights783 flights
Iraq420 flights127 flights22 flights
Iran325 flights196 flights42 flights
Iceland1143 flights136 flights60 flights
Italy8870 flights3765 flights1431 flights
Jersey455 flights78 flights23 flights
Jamaica0 flights1 flights0 flights
Jordan227 flights132 flights41 flights
Japan1386 flights347 flights132 flights
Kenya3 flights0 flights0 flights
Kyrgyzstan349 flights129 flights37 flights
Cambodia143 flights63 flights22 flights
South Korea419 flights271 flights68 flights
Kuwait746 flights358 flights70 flights
Kazakhstan120 flights36 flights4 flights
Laos36 flights8 flights4 flights
Lebanon242 flights78 flights17 flights
Saint Lucia0 flights0 flights0 flights
Sri Lanka126 flights59 flights14 flights
Lithuania755 flights252 flights79 flights
Luxembourg327 flights46 flights22 flights
Latvia460 flights156 flights48 flights
Morocco1305 flights752 flights183 flights
Moldova51 flights47 flights8 flights
Montenegro102 flights66 flights18 flights
Macedonia416 flights117 flights34 flights
Myanmar177 flights41 flights22 flights
Macau89 flights43 flights16 flights
Northern Mariana Islands0 flights0 flights0 flights
Martinique20 flights10 flights5 flights
Mauritania42 flights5 flights0 flights
Malta883 flights300 flights91 flights
Mauritius1 flights0 flights0 flights
Maldives40 flights25 flights6 flights
Mexico3 flights0 flights0 flights
Malaysia929 flights1739 flights556 flights
Namibia0 flights0 flights0 flights
Netherlands1413 flights759 flights299 flights
Norway5830 flights1581 flights659 flights
Nepal68 flights59 flights19 flights
New Zealand49 flights17 flights7 flights
Oman256 flights212 flights55 flights
Panama0 flights0 flights0 flights
Papua New Guinea3 flights0 flights0 flights
Philippines1333 flights1846 flights546 flights
Pakistan208 flights297 flights73 flights
Poland4518 flights1591 flights539 flights
Puerto Rico1 flights0 flights0 flights
Portugal2004 flights1070 flights372 flights
Qatar198 flights118 flights42 flights
Romania1772 flights741 flights206 flights
Serbia226 flights87 flights22 flights
Russia2143 flights1033 flights215 flights
Saudi Arabia2705 flights2351 flights505 flights
Seychelles0 flights0 flights0 flights
Sudan187 flights124 flights23 flights
Sweden2593 flights870 flights306 flights
Singapore399 flights207 flights86 flights
Slovenia79 flights17 flights8 flights
Svalbard and Jan Mayen8 flights1 flights1 flights
Slovakia577 flights194 flights54 flights
Senegal121 flights9 flights1 flights
Somalia11 flights12 flights3 flights
Thailand1130 flights1233 flights393 flights
East Timor20 flights8 flights3 flights
Turkmenistan21 flights6 flights2 flights
Tunisia123 flights93 flights26 flights
Tonga4 flights0 flights0 flights
Turkey5308 flights3664 flights910 flights
Trinidad and Tobago0 flights0 flights0 flights
Taiwan276 flights117 flights41 flights
Tanzania182 flights114 flights47 flights
Ukraine547 flights194 flights48 flights
United States766 flights279 flights73 flights
Vietnam1341 flights725 flights235 flights
Vanuatu1 flights0 flights0 flights
Samoa8 flights0 flights0 flights
Kosovo173 flights61 flights19 flights
South Africa14 flights12 flights5 flights
Zambia8 flights6 flights3 flights
Zimbabwe96 flights16 flights12 flights